Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"

NG = stupid?

Score: 3.23
Has NG become a gathering of pathetic morons only craving for video game parodies and stick/madness movies?

This movie was ultimatly excellent in sound/graphics/direction/style how come it has such a low score...

Awesome job by the people at FLASHCAFE Studio.

Maybe the score can be partially explained by your impersonnal approach. You sure get a 5 from me.


It's people like you that give a crap about others that keep this world together. Amazing animation and great voice work (even though I had no idea what was being said). Please, make more!

What language is that? sounds Croatian to me

Anyhoo, that was some amazing stuff. I think we need more people to make flash like this; its a perfect format to tell a meaningful story. Its like a modern fable. Also, is this going to be a series? It was sort of implied at the end, but i thought it might just be an ending intended to make people think; something to punctuate the message. Kudos.

Another underated cartoon...

I absolutely loved this. The story was excellent.Sadly, it is true that we don't spend enough time paying attention to the world surrounding us.

The graphics we're even better! I mean, I still can,t understand why a cartoon like this end up with such a low score!

Keep up the good work and I can't wait until the next episode!


You are the first to receive a score of 5 from anything ever placed in Newgrounds, and I've been around a while.

Not only did you get Perfect Reviews (I know, I checked each one), but you actually had a point to your message.

I've added you to my favorites, another first.