Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"


That was a truly brilliant piece of work, this kind of message is what may help to bring about a better world. We need more of this. Excellent work.


That was incredible. I've always thought that human would be better as one large family, but I've yet to see it happen. Marvelous, beautiful, and above all brilliant.


Privyet tovarische, that was the best flash I have seen in weeks. Keep up the good work. Write more flash.

Greatest Flash here

This has being the most touching flash I have seen on new grounds deserves that 5/5 more than any other and I am so glad I have seen it I advise all to watch this


If what you tried to do with this flash is make people think, then with me you have achieved your goal... So many things of which are spoken here are so true... I have to admit that it happens to me too. You think: "I have my own problems so fuck the other people." but other people have their problems too like the woman in the bus or the blind guy... and just helping those people with their problems helps yourslef to feel better about yourself....with a little action you can change your life and a little of the lives of the people around you...this is a great movie...makes you think and reflex.. I give you 5/5...keep up the good work...