Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"


that was amazing please do more


I'm putting this as one of my favourites. This is a powerful movie that conveys a strong message about the life we all live, how we ignore things that happen around us, even though we know we can change them, but decide not to.

Just one question to FLASHCAFE, was the main character modelled around the face of Kevin Spacey, as I don't know if anyone else noticed but he sorta looked like him in places.

this seriously should be in the top ten

graphics:10 excellent quality
sound:10 even though it was in russian it adds to the effect
interactivity:2 im not sure what the switch to large/small button does
style:10 completely original very well done
violence:2 there was blood but your not really happy when you see it
humour:1 its not funny seeing as it wasnt supposed to be


Amazingly powerful... You couldn't improve on that if you tried.



That was definately something different. I should take more chances because I'm always cautious. This gave me a big slap in the face that I need to do...well great flash. Love the graphics and sounds. What language is the narrator speaking in? O_O?