Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"

My last review as Knudson.

This is Angstdrillhead with one of my alternate accounts. I am giving up my alt. accounts because they're a waste of time. So this is my last review with this username.

I'm so glad this movie won something! I remember seeing it when it got on the portal, and I was amazed by the visuals and the message. I couldn't believe the score was only 3.10, and was getting very few views.

Since then, until now, I have been voting 5 as Angstdrillhead, and keeping check of the review score. And today, when I saw you'd won, I was so damn happy I almost crapped my pants!



Really makes you think. Great work.

Very well made

That is how life works, I love this movie

Simply Amazing...

This was an unbelievable flash animation. Some flash authors choose to go for pure entertainment, which I love, but it's also great to see authors who take the time to put together a message. If every artist and author were to put as much thought and care into their movies, I think the messages would be as common as violence in the human mind. You have a great talent, and it seems you have good morals too. Keep up the great work in flash. I know you've made a difference with this, because everyone I've sent it to has had a wordless reaction.. I give this 5/5, and I don't normally give fives or tell authors what I give them. I look forward to viewing more of your submissions.


Excellent use of flash to convey a message. Everyone should watch this.