Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"


Shit man that was Deep, U rarely see this sorta stuff on newgrounds. something that will make u think. Wow man, Keep up the good work.

This Rocks

I liek the profound message of this moive I saw Japanece Idie flim once but it was about a girl This rocks it shuld be On the front Page and on the Indenpentdent flim channal and sundnace or turnd in to a real flim because I could tell no diffenrtence between a real flim and flash I thank you for this movie and saying DA to you

Very true and inspiring

This is a compelling flash movie. I thought that it was Insightful, Informative, and very well written. The graphics were very detailed and the story behind it is very true. I give this a 5 and a 10.

Lemme break it down...

Graphics= Not the best animation, but the visuals and the drawings were spectacular. Great character drawings and backgrounds, and it had a really cool sketchy style I love.

Sound= Great music and a lot of neat, subtle sound effects. The voiceovers were obviously in Russian, and having to continuously look down at the subtitles did get annoying, but luckily this did not take away from the overall message.

Interactivity= Play/replay buttons, and site links.

Style= There are so many styles to be seen on Newgrounds, from the creepyness of Salad Fingers to the Disney-esque Bitey of Brackenwood. I have of course seen this movies' style on Newgrounds and in other places before, but never have I seen it done so well.

Violence= A bit of blood, nothing much... well, you'll see.

Humor= None, this movie doesn't need it.

Overall= It is a crime how underrated this movie is. A mother fucking CRIME. It's deep, atmospheric, it looks and sounds great, and it kept me captivated all the way through- in a foreign language. Hopefully this movies' message will reach more people, it will become more popular, and it's score will reflect its' greatness. _MessiaH_ is certainly right.

It WILL get higher.


I had favorited this piece on an old account and just rediscovered it again today.
I am still just as moved watching it now as it had way back then. This movie changed my life.

Thank you.