Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"

NG = stupid?

Score: 3.23
Has NG become a gathering of pathetic morons only craving for video game parodies and stick/madness movies?

This movie was ultimatly excellent in sound/graphics/direction/style how come it has such a low score...

Awesome job by the people at FLASHCAFE Studio.

Maybe the score can be partially explained by your impersonnal approach. You sure get a 5 from me.


It's people like you that give a crap about others that keep this world together. Amazing animation and great voice work (even though I had no idea what was being said). Please, make more!

Another underated cartoon...

I absolutely loved this. The story was excellent.Sadly, it is true that we don't spend enough time paying attention to the world surrounding us.

The graphics we're even better! I mean, I still can,t understand why a cartoon like this end up with such a low score!

Keep up the good work and I can't wait until the next episode!

An underrated and incredible flash.

Seriously, this flash deserves to be in the top 50 of all time, if not the top 10! Why? Well, first off all, the graphics were excellent. There wasn't as much movement as some flashes (*cough*YuYu*cough*), but there was still some, and the graphics were drawn really well. (I'm really strict on graphics, so don't take the 9 as anything bad.) The style here, though, was some of the best that I've seen in a LONG time. The storyline was very clear and well-executed, and the message was excellent! In addition, the style of the graphics was perfect for the flash. Finally, the sound here was also incredible. I'm glad that you kept it in the original Russian (I'm pretty sure it was Russian) and subtitled it, because the voices were incredible! In addition, the background music was chosen perfectly, and the sound effects were also excellent.

In other words, this is a marvelous flash. It's too bad that this doesn't crack even the top 10% in terms of views, because it deserves to! Overall: 10/10


it was beauitiful animation