Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"



its like....

wow.....Im not into artsy stuff...but that was really cool...you get a 5, russian boy!.....you are russian right? or are you romainian?

Good but...

It was good but i feel like every chance is there and i can't find it now and im gonna ruin my life by not taking the chance! :'(

An unknown Gem

I was just browing some sections I never get too on here and find this Flash. Increadable. One of the best works I have seen. When all combined, the animation, the music, the backstory, the way you get the very good message across. It all goes together and makes this flash a very underrated and unseen work of art.

I hope this starts to get noticed more. The music fit perfect, the voice work was great. I found nothing wrong with this at all. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.


A Very Important and Significant Flash

One of the best out there. Touching and meaningful...would have been nice if it was in English though, but I got no complaints. It was sweet...thank you for making this...I think it has taught me a lesson which I will remember for the rest of my life.

Thank you.