Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"


This flash is in a way an apifiny (sp?) to me, the movie is right, you should worry more about the moments in the day then your long-term goals, this movie has taught me something, and im happy i saw it, if you are reading this i suggest you watch this movie now, it is amazing and will alter your vision of life in itself.

Absolutely amazing.

One of the few flashes on Newgrounds that I've actually enjoyed. Fantastic job. 5/5


awesome wow, awesome graphics, good story line what more could u ask for, keep em comin!

Thank you..

.. I'm glad I found this. You have, indeed, marked me for life. I realize all the change I could make in the world, however, I also see that it is your coice to make the change, and no one else's. Great Job. I'd love to see more.

This is probably the smartest thing I've seen here

The graphics were great but what was really worth watching was the message, of course. We all know we should do something with our lives, but nobody really do anything about it, this animation presents things in a way we can't just ignore it. I definitely loved it, I hope you'll submit other movies like that.