Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"

Pure art.

Things I have allways thought about. I often try to help out people... or I think I do.

Your submission just got on the top of my favorites!


that was amazing please do more


well what can i say, a beautifull touch of creativity and the passion for artistry. weldone


this might be the greatest movie on newgrounds to date...both in story and meaning, but also so amazingly presented...faultless

My last review as Knudson.

This is Angstdrillhead with one of my alternate accounts. I am giving up my alt. accounts because they're a waste of time. So this is my last review with this username.

I'm so glad this movie won something! I remember seeing it when it got on the portal, and I was amazed by the visuals and the message. I couldn't believe the score was only 3.10, and was getting very few views.

Since then, until now, I have been voting 5 as Angstdrillhead, and keeping check of the review score. And today, when I saw you'd won, I was so damn happy I almost crapped my pants!