Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"


Amazingly powerful... You couldn't improve on that if you tried.


Po Po!(wow)

This was a great flash. It was unique, well done, and all around entertaining.

Great work here

Congrats on such a well done flash. I think the slightly grammatically bad English subtitles make this feel even more like an independent foreign film I'd see in college, lol. But really, you were an incredible Director, Producer, Editor, Animator, and Actor in this one. I have to say that this should be right next to Hot Fish on the Top 50 list, if not higher.

Keep up the fine work.


...it...was...good. I don't know what quite to say about it except that it is kinda dissapointing to know that cartoon this great, visureal and story, doesn't get as noticed as some other cartoons. I'm glad it got Review Crew Pick award in a attempt to reveal itself. If it weren't for that award I wouldn't be watching it.

Holy Sh^t

I just have to say that this was so awesome! It had meaning behind the story, the graphics were amazing, the music went well, over all it is one of the best flash movies I've seen in a while.

Awesome Job! Keep up the Great work!!!!!!