Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"

I want more!

There needs to be more stuff like this on Newgrounds. Too much stuff on here is comedy based, and then when something uniquely funny comes along, it gets copied over and over again (for example: badger). But this was awesome, keep up the good work!


Finally, a Flash animation that is more than just hysterical killing or random action. This animation deserves a special place on NewGrounds solely because of the inentions of the creators.

Furthermore, it is a wonderful motivational animation with great plot and structure.

Definitely my favorite.

Absolutly phenomenal

There's always a new day dawning tomorrow...

why isint this in the top 50???

this movie is so under rated it defnatly desvrve to be

its times like these i'm glad i'm russian

that was one of the best flash movies i have ever seen. the most meaningfull i've ever seen. the only flash that made me actually think. very nicely done flash, in ALL aspects.

i felt that the fact that it was in my original language added a great deal of meaning to it, besides the obvios meaning. subtitles dont do this movie the justice that it deserves