Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"

Very true and inspiring

This is a compelling flash movie. I thought that it was Insightful, Informative, and very well written. The graphics were very detailed and the story behind it is very true. I give this a 5 and a 10.

Sightgiving, so to speak

This movie is incredibly good. It holds a deep truth, and calls to a feeling deep within all of us... why shouldn't we do all those things. Why shouldn't we stop blaming and be nicer to eachother.

It's a truth I kept myself busy with for a long time now, and read about in a lot of literature. I think it's a spiritual truth :)

I really liked it. Insightful. Keep up the amazing work!


I'm lost for words. Just...amazing :D


A masterpiece! Plays like a independent short film and you gave it a whole lot of thought!

There should be more golds like this around! Congrats for the award and I hope you make more!

Excellent Drama

Great Job! This is an excellent story, and a great dramatic presentation. When newgrounds sees so much comedy (and bad comedy at that alot of the time), its good to see a excellent movie on a serious subject. Only gripe i had was that the translation wasn't entirely smooth (some grammatical errors etc), but it wasn't bad enough to drive me to distraction. Keep up the good work!!