Reviews for "Sonic: The Power Of Nazo"


You can do this on Swish? I'm Impressed. Without Audible Dialogue, Subtitles are Fine. Great work.

Chakra-X responds:

nono, this was my only movie so far ive done WITHOUT swish 2.0, but I wish swish could do this...Yeh i couldnt find good voices, so I just used text, thanks for the review

i love all your movie's epissally this one

and sonic vrs knukles was the best you got to make a sequeil i love this movie and to anyone thats reading my review i say watch this movie if your a sonic fan and some of his other movie's
this movie'great and so are you this is great
you are perfect can you make a movie where tail's is the hero thx and one sugetion little more music but otherwise this is great
id write more but im going to watch the movie agian
keep up the good work
ps.ive seen like every sonic so it's hard to imprees me
pps you rule

It a good move

It a good move. You can make a series of this.

just... wow

i love dbz i love sonic and shadow and damnit i love this movie, incredible job!

Chakra-X responds:

thanks, its people like you who I want to see this


this was awsome evn though they made it with DBZ