Reviews for "Sonic: The Power Of Nazo"


Nope, it was crap

Decent, but the remake was much better...

I know the remake was probably for that purpose, and I can't REALLY complain, because this was made long ago, and you probably didn't know as much about animation as you do now. I saw the remake and decided to come here to see what was different.

*facepalm* These kids...

How old is this flash movie? Oh yeah, 7 fucking years, on this year, 2011. These kids were expecting way too much, thereby judging you on retarded terms. But enough with the ranting...

It was at PERFECT length, the battle was well-made, and usually didn't drag out that much. It's VERY interesting to see how you remade the much more epic Nazo Unleashed with pretty much this whole movie reconstructed into the miniseries (I like to call Nazo Unleashed a miniseries; that's just me).

Of course, the voice acting that WAS there was... cheesy, but hey, the times... ^^'

Of course, the -1 was because of the typos, I mean, c'mon, it's TOO common a problem of things like these... D:

But I digress... I liked it very much; a fine, stupid battle with a mysterious and scrapped character. Hooray~! :P


i thought it would be better i was very wrong why aren't they saying anything it had horrible graphics compared to your others this was horrible and was this made by what i have to ask but the highest I'm going with stars will be a six sorry it needs better dialogue and why the heck is nazo green black or burgundy and i guess .. maybe yellow wait never mind

Well ...

... could have done or put the characters speaking the lines longer, but it was cool.