Reviews for "Sonic: The Power Of Nazo"


Good and I like your other movies


Pretty good graphics if you drew it then that makes it even better!

The only good thing was the drawing.

The only good thing was the drawing. You need to sound to everything that need sound. The rap music and the end was horrid.

Really Good!!!!!

I thought that was very creative! I mean, Hyper Shadic is sorta like Bo-BoPaJiggler in Bo-BoBoBo-BoBoBo. That was amazing!!!!


The graphics weren't that great but the were forgiveable as you explained why they weren't that great. As the previous reviewer said, it seemed a bit too much like Dragonball Z with them fusing and merging the name together like that. Also, I haven't played any Sonic games for a long time and I only played 1, 2, 3, and 3D, so I may be out of the loop, but doesn't Sonic need the Chaos Emeralds on his person in order to turn Super Sonic? That one's just confusing me. Decent though.