Reviews for "halfwired module 1"


This isn't really entertaining... but I guess it's not suppose to be... Whatever..

all I can say is... wow

that was a very nice intro, probelly one of the best intros I ever saw, (and also better then alot of flashes that enter the portal). it's kinda long for an intro, but I saw on you site you can skip the intro, so that very good, I also like the character, it's a cool guy, and I think it would be cool if you would use him for your flash movies( if your not using him allready)




The animation was so awesome! All of the sperate body parts of the little dude moving was done so well!

The overall effect of the trippy/flippy backgrounds and sounds was pretty good, it was really kinda weird; very fast paced.

Graphics and Animation were superb, and all sound effect were excellent.

Keep it up!


that was good even for a intro