Reviews for "DKC2 - Stickerbrush Symphony."

arrgggg...not that lvl

Those lvl with barrel of doom and the spike from everywhere...but this music is kind of relaxing^^

SockpuppetRemix responds:

I liked the first 2, I think. Screech's Sprint and the Animal Antics bit were hard...
Thanks! =)


This is great. It's perfect. It's beautiful. The Xylophone is my favorite part. Although Brawl's version is pretty awesome, the original is the best. =D The Brawl one kinda left out some parts which kind of disappointed me...

SockpuppetRemix responds:

Thanks! =D
Yeah, it kind of annoyed me too how half the song was missing in the Brawl version... At least they put in some awesome solo things though.

This sounds good

Your tempo is that of the original. Not that that's bad. I, like you, like both the Brawl, and DKC2 versions of the song. All I would do is make the Xylaphone (hope I spelled that right) sounding instrument more distinct, but it's still great.

SockpuppetRemix responds:

Thanks! =D That's a glockenspiel. I'll fix it when I redo the song. =)


i love the DKC2 better than Brawl's, cuz SSBB is too upbeat, and it's kinda annoying(after a period of 30 min)

SockpuppetRemix responds:

Thanks, glad you like it. =D
I love DKC2's and Brawl's versions equally, they're both so awesome! =D

niceeeeee :*)

i like this but brawl version is litle better but I can't say that yours sucks cause its cool too.hope you do more musics in the future cause they are so awesomes :)

SockpuppetRemix responds:

Thanks! =) I love the Brawl version too. =D
Don't worry, I'm going to keep doing remixes. =)