Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"


i sometimes ponder what type of people come two this website. how could anyone not give this at least an 8 this is one of the best things ive seen here.u deserve a 5.keep up the good work

Loved it.

I cant read Japanese. But it was good.

No effort...

Sorry, but those pictures are strait from the manga... I would know... You simply traced them at a different effect and colored it... So I can see how little effort was put into this... But since it's DBZ, you get 5/5!!!

that was tight

dbz is so underrated because of the edited vers. :/ like on ytv an shit just ruined it (same with many animes) but ya that flash was awsome

Woah !

Man , you make me jealouse , I've been trying to make a dbz flash for a long time , you are definitly a great artist !