Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"


Well let me tell you something Sum Dum Guy, shows how mutch you know about DBZ, it WAS around alot MORE than 2 years ago, so dont act all cool like your the big Anime buff ok? Anyways back to the reveiw, it was very original, I love the way you used the old manga style stills, and the theme song just went along with it perfectly, very very nice! I'm not the biggest DBZ fan, I've kinda outgrown that, but anime is anime, and besides, I love the work you put into this. Keep it up!

it was'nt bad for a movie.

It was a great effort and a nice tribute to the creator and the whole Dragonball Z project, I think it is a great show and people dont really realize how much asian culture influences us and the amazing things and stuff we can enjoy and learn from them.

i LOVE this song!

the art was done very well, i liked the way you colored it in...very unique....and the song spirit vs spirit has got to be one of the best dbz songs ever! hooray for the music!

Very Nice!

That was a really good movie. Though i wish u would of used english manga:) Nice job wit the colors too.

coolest ever

make one were goku turns super saiyan