Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

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1. Ok, Did You Draw These DBZ Pictures Or
Are They Straight From The Manga?

2. If They Are Yours Will You Please Make More
Movies, With More Action And Plot. Because The
Animation Is Quite Amazing If It Is Infact

3. Thanks For Your Time, Im Giving This A 5.


Why the fuck is this only getting a 2.60? COME ON PEOPLE this is beautiful artwork NONE OF YOU LOSERS COULD EVER DO ANYTHING BETTER! SO GIVE HIGHER RATINGS FOR GOD SAKES!

Your tribute is great, especially compared to the other DBZ movies. You have brilliantly presented a fun, creative, well done movie keep it up !

best movie i've seen on newgrounds EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

i love this movie it kicks major fucking ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kewl flash! I realy cant say' its probubly the best tribute to DBZ iv seen in a Lonnnggg time. . . Allthough i would like to see an english version so i can understand what their all saying lol


I totally remember this scene!! I love this song soo much ^_^ great artistic skills, dude (hand-drawn or computerized).

Btw, whoever voted that the 3 comments below me are useless need to reconsider -.-' they aren't useless comments- so stop being unfair.

And to the guy two comments below me... I totally agree with you, man. The Original Dragon ball series was the best. Although you coulda been a bit less harsh XD lol