Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

Is this a chinese site?

Is this www.newgrounds.com or have i stumbled across www.CHIN-NO-WANG.com
put it up again in english and i'd like it better.
Good art though

Not bad but not original.....

I gave Style and Graphics 10's becuae well its all Akira Toriyama's work, its the manga pictures. I do like the way you put the color in with all the gradients.
The sound got a ten because you used "Blue Wind of Hope" from the Gohan SSJ2 scene(nice touch).

I liked the artwork

but the gay japanese music gives you minus major points. ( and you didnt even show Cells death. )Next time try using something with out lyrics or just straight up (quality) jungle beats. I only liked the gay ass japanese music in Ghost in the Shell... and thats because there is less singing in it. Oh well, I'm not japanese, maybe your just keeping it real for them, but Im not down with their music or silly game shows. Just video games, and I heard they didnt even like Metroid, spoiled assholes.

good pictures show only if you like hand drawings

Music is okay and i dont understand the language but it gets it point across>

a 7/10...nice job

i love manga that is why i gave you that 7.