Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

Very cool!

Ah, one of my favorite sagas in the Dragon Ball series. It wasan't the most exciting movie I've ever seen, but I still liked it.

Listen up...

Now im a big time fan of DB, DBZ, and DBGT, but this wasnt all that great. I dont speak japonese so i have no idea what they are saying. All it was was a bunch of pictures rendered by some program.


well you get extra style and interactivity points for the questions while it was loading, ive never seen that before it was a cool idea to keep people occupied while the file is loading, cant give you to much graphics since ya didnt actually draw the pics, but the illustrator work gets you a 5 there, good tribute dude, good luck with yer next project

can't read any thing

good becauses it lookes good
bad because there is no animation and i can't read any of it

It wourd be good but...

It wood be VERY good but i cant read a thing and there was no animation..So there for its not exactly a toon..
The images were good...
Still good work.Keep it up and next time use some animation ok? "/