Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"


hahhhaha, u sure are very funny VEGETAdrivesaHONDA.
well in the first place, does an ignorant chinese get a say in this? i personally detest DBZ and all the stupid american who think it is so cool. believe it or not, DBZ has been one of the oldest cartoons, older than sailormoon and all those crap.
secondly, not one thing in the flash has anything to do with japanese, they are all PURE CHINESE characters okay?
but overall, i thought the flash was very well done and the pictures, well most of them are even better than the original comic. keep tis up Nedrick!

cool dbz flash man

kinda catchy music you got there man anyway job well done

Is this a chinese site?

Is this www.newgrounds.com or have i stumbled across www.CHIN-NO-WANG.com
put it up again in english and i'd like it better.
Good art though

good pictures show only if you like hand drawings

Music is okay and i dont understand the language but it gets it point across>

a 7/10...nice job

i love manga that is why i gave you that 7.