Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

Nice music...

This flash has some nice music. I've never seen this part of the anime; I've only seen the episodes up to the part where Cell creates a tournament for the strongest fighters. This would have been nice to have a little more action to it. But overall, good artwork and good music.

too bad it's JAPANESE

Hello, It's in japanese! Nobody knows Japanese.....

But beside that it's cool


I agree with the last guy, its in Japanese so it's hard to follow, even though I know what happened in that episode....other than that little flaw, its fine.


I thought it was really nice, good work, and i love Dragonballz also, so...yeah... Some of the shots looked funny, and it was more of a slide show but i liked it. too bad i can't read japanese either..

That really wasnt a tribute.

Hate to burst your bubble, but that wasnt a tribute to Akira. It wasnt a damn tribute at all. If it was a tribute it would have involved all of his works, not just a saga from Dragonball Z. It was just pics that were taken from a Dragonball Z manga and then you took credit for them. Thats pretty low. All you did was convert them to flash and gave em some color. Still, i give you an 8 cause nobody has done a job like this.