Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

This was ok.

uumm...I saw that episode, but you did a really good job putting it into flash as a comic-like episode. That was cool.

OMFG! Beautiful, stunning, electrifying, etc,

The artwork is absolutely amazing, a quality I've never seen in flash before... but the movie is somehow lacking... mainly cuz its nothing more than a slideshow. If you (Mr. Author) could have put done something more with it....

Its cool...

This movie is good, but the only thing that was bad about it was that song... it almost made me puke. Anyways, nice job.

Well Done!!

Well done dude, considering i have have trouble doing anime/manga on the computer =9


I like your submission. You have a nice drawing style, yet I think that putting the speech bubbles in japanese is a little bit overboard for a tribute. Keep up the good work! =X==X=yborg out.