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Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"


Good stuff there Nedrick keep it up
Im a Die hard fan of Anmie


How can you be such a desiple to a cartoon to want to scan, trace bitmap, then color most of the images?! You didn't even draw them! jesus... if DBZ dissapeared, you'd kill yourself. Well, i gave you a high score for the increadable amount of work you did. It really was good!


hahhhaha, u sure are very funny VEGETAdrivesaHONDA.
well in the first place, does an ignorant chinese get a say in this? i personally detest DBZ and all the stupid american who think it is so cool. believe it or not, DBZ has been one of the oldest cartoons, older than sailormoon and all those crap.
secondly, not one thing in the flash has anything to do with japanese, they are all PURE CHINESE characters okay?
but overall, i thought the flash was very well done and the pictures, well most of them are even better than the original comic. keep tis up Nedrick!


I did enjoy some parts like when cell crushed 16's head and when gohan turned ssj 2, but overall is was a little boring in some parts. But don't give up!

cool dbz flash man

kinda catchy music you got there man anyway job well done