Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"


I liked this because I like DragonballZ, plus putting it in Japanese added the effect of an anime, but the expression on their faces told me what they were saying. The quiz was good, could've actually spelt Goku, Vegeta and Dr Gero and others right but it was overally good. Your good at this stuff and maybe you should stick to this 'cause I like it. Everyone here who doesn't like anime or Japanese shouldn't have seen it in the first place so they can all suck it!


This is the best flash about dbz i have yet!!....you should do one on the history of trunks movie ....i hope u make more dbz tributes like this one cause that was god-like!!!!! keep up the good work man......

No effort...

Sorry, but those pictures are strait from the manga... I would know... You simply traced them at a different effect and colored it... So I can see how little effort was put into this... But since it's DBZ, you get 5/5!!!

that was tight

dbz is so underrated because of the edited vers. :/ like on ytv an shit just ruined it (same with many animes) but ya that flash was awsome

Woah !

Man , you make me jealouse , I've been trying to make a dbz flash for a long time , you are definitly a great artist !