Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

This is so beautyful.......

This rocks I'm sure both Kakarott and Akira would be proud to see this....Btw what's the name of this song?..........

coolest ever

make one were goku turns super saiyan

Ignore the baka's comment below mine

That was great. I loved it! If Akira Toriyama was ever on NG and he saw what you did, I'm sure he'd be proud. btw What was the song that was playing? I think I know who it was by. It was by Kageyama Hironobu, right? Again Loved it.

Look. its not even a movie. its flashign pictures.

ok. i only gave it a 3 cus of the good drawing, but WTF??? ITS JUST PICTURES MOVING ACROSS THE SCREEN!!!

Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z is still Great!

cool! I also Loved DragonBallZ As well As the origonal DragonBall. I think Akira is awesome and that he deserves alot. I will always cherish Akira DBZ is the first anime that I have ever gotten into. Still to this day I believe it is the best anime I have ever actually watched.