Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

More people should be like you...........

That was amazing!!!Even people who dont have a clue to what dragonball is, would love this movie. However, you seem to know alot about anime, is thier a series called dragon ball x?


This is the best flash about dbz i have yet!!....you should do one on the history of trunks movie ....i hope u make more dbz tributes like this one cause that was god-like!!!!! keep up the good work man......

Well, it IS good

I really liked this movie, but you never mention anywhere in your introduction that the art is taken from the Japennesse DBZ comic, (I've read them all) I'm not holding a grudge I'm just saying Toriama and the gang deserve some credit. However the colouring in was superb and the reason I like the movie so much, also the music is fitting to the scene... Tell us when you make more (Plz do the Nappa vs Z fighters bit that would be cool)

this fucking rules!!!!

I'm a big fan of DBZ and this is the best movie i've ever seen about dragonball Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But i've got one question, Did you draw them yourself or did you use the pictures of the comics? But anyway this movie KICKS ASS!!!!!!

This kicks ass!!!!....Dbz is the best

we like the style of thid movie. We realy, realy, realy, realy like DBZ. the drawings are very cool and the music is also very touching.

we hope u make an Akira tribute soon :)
keep up with the good work.