Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

i LOVE this song!

the art was done very well, i liked the way you colored it in...very unique....and the song spirit vs spirit has got to be one of the best dbz songs ever! hooray for the music!

Manga-Style Wow

This was an excellent tribute to Akira. The manga style drawings are absolutely
perfect and well drawn. It took a long time to download but it was well worth the
wait. I expect to see more of your movies like this. It is very well put together. One of
the best I've seen yet!


most badass dbz movie ive seen. a MUST see

Kick ass.

That's personally my second-favorite scene of all time in DBZ, following Goku's SSJ transformation on Namek. Plus, that music is totally rocking, and appropriate. Japanese music owns me.
I really, really like this movie. It even kinda gives me the chills. You have a SUPERB drawing and coloring style that deftly creates a true DBZ-style atmosphere. I might even dare to say that your style is on par with the TV Series/Manga.
Of course, it IS just drawings, albiet REALLY GOOD drawings, so I can't really give this a 10. But it makes for one hell of a slideshow. Bravo.

good stuff

well done