Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

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yo jay here and my tubby bitch silent bob yeah dude we get the shit your trying to do..very respective and all..but fuck man seriously its the 21st mutherfucking century i say beef that shit up man...we want da blood and da reral dbz shit not ...traditional crap

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ok it was good Very good!

but it would have been alot better if it was animated yeah ok i know
it hard to do so i understand.
secondly the pic were awesome but i think some were trased well at least i thinks so but hey great job

yeah man

wowo man thats cool what is the name of the music plzplzplz


That was great movie i would like to see more.. oh and tread way your a pussy.

Manga + Sound

This Chinese manga (SFX are Japanese katakana) scan & import job isn't especially great. You could have used some animation, or atleast some image effects (such as zoom). The coloring was not very refined either. For a DragonBall fan it is worth the watch anyway.