Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"


These are actually Akira Toriyama's art with an adobe streamline filter over them and gradients used to color them. Plus a bad song. Crap.

this is good.

it just need more moving animations instead but still its good artwork youve done..copied over there but..whit some more work and some moving animation this thing can bee good...i think so anyway..


that was great. you should make a series or just more

wow wow wow wow wow wow

dnt take the 2 0's and the 5 as bad ratings its just that it wasnt big on the violence (whcih is a good thing because not everything has to be blood in flash movies) and the 2 0's are basicaly because this is a very mature and powerful flash movie the animation is superb and ur story bord is subsequently equal in greatness im very impressed i would love to see more animation like this from you =D
and can you tell me what u use for ur flash files i use flash mx but i cant seem to get my charcaters to move properly lol help would be very much appreciated lol many thanks kieran hilliard (14 years old)


I like your submission. You have a nice drawing style, yet I think that putting the speech bubbles in japanese is a little bit overboard for a tribute. Keep up the good work! =X==X=yborg out.