Reviews for "8 minigames for Eric"

very original

I was starting to get into the puzzle this but some of those were just plain rediculous for example: Lv.1,5 & 7. On 7, the boulders would drop before i could get them over anything, even if I hadnt let go. Anyways, Keep up the good puzzles.


I can't beat level 2 i have everything in right order and i pressed the button but nuthin happened and what did you mean by connect fan to power how do you do that.

Difficulty change.

Level 7 is near impossible to get passed.
Take note that I did all the levels in order up to Level7. It just get's too laggy. I spent 2hours on that level and still haven't beat it.
Please change the difficulty.

DissoluteProductions responds:

im really grateful sum1 actually wasted the time to play it properlly, and as for difficulty, i set about the level completely wrong, i used a horrible script to regenerate the characters and as more comes it gets glitchy, id make it easier but well, by the time id finish it would be blammed or of the table


What were u thinking whn u made this, its just very annoying and very stupid......and wht the hell is eric? if he like an alien chicken???

DissoluteProductions responds:

yeah i wasnt thinking much i was just trying to figure out how to do stuff,


Though not good, it's interesting.... but weird

To llazurus : Watch Piconjo movies and you'll think this guy is a genius.