Reviews for "8 minigames for Eric"

same as spider vs. droid

exactly like spider vs. droid unless i m dumb. if you can play games other than that please tell me how

DissoluteProductions responds:

yeah thts coz i was testing the preloader for SvD and forgot to replace the original file, (on the grounds that I didn't think it would be looked at again)...Ive put Eric back up now..

Pretty good!

Your right about the first game,it was crappy,lol,this was pretty fun though,keep up the good work!


Well, NATHAN...

I agree with most of the *civilized* reviews. Some of the levels are deffinately too hard, but still, as this was more of a learning curve than a project I say tis pretty good.
(Its quite amazin the range of reviews you got!)

try spending all that time into one decent game

not bad though

not bad...

pretty decent, but quite hard.
well, they werent the easiest games in the world, thats for sure.
for pretty much all of them i had to press the 'hint' button to help me out, but none the less they were all pretty neat. the graphics were ok, as was the animation... but that song got really annoying after a while... really annoying indeed. i think you should have had a range of different loops in there.
still, a good job. so well done
overall score: 6.5/10