Reviews for "8 minigames for Eric"

heh :)

hey ur game is 2 good either i set 10 humor cuz when u pass tha game all 4 nothing

GooD GamE

not bad...

the games were pretty good, but theres just one thing, EVERYTHING is too hard to click on!!! the mouse always goes all flashy and you cant make stuff work unless you have the mouse placed exactlyona certain spot. other than that, very nice i got stuck on lv5.

A Terrible Set Of Games

Each of these Mini-Games are either too hard, or have a stupid concept. I am sorry to say this, but this is the worst Game I have played by Dessolate Productions (did I spell it right?). Please,, before entering more things, please think of something to push your animation techniques.


i couldnt finish the last level.... i got past the turtles then got stuck on barbed wire and DIEDZORZ!!! but yea good game.. lol


i got to level 6 i can prove it u have to eat loads of flies