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Reviews for "Night Fire"

No vocals.

This is good as it is. A great song that combines so many instruments. It's amazing. Unless you got the right vocals in, the song wouldn't be right.

I'm amazed. In awe, even. Why not make a few more?

demented2005 responds:

Thank you very much :)
Yea, i guess it's okay without vocals, but i wanted to
create something along the lines of MGMT or Owl City.

I'm gonna try, if you listen to my other songs, i change in style alot. But i'm
always keen on happy songs :)


Hmm I like a simpler tune, this one's still good, nice notes around 1:36, and good switching.

Makes me Happy

I don't know what else to say but that this song just makes me happy.
Great melody, great arrangements, great everything. I'd love to hear it with some vocals but I don't think it lacks from not having them. Can't wait to hear more of your stuff.


awsome very very amazing
I love Mgmt and owl citys aight
and I love this, it is incredible

I would like to help put some vocals on this,
right now my music is under submission but
once you can hear it tell me if you like it and if
you would be interested in me working for you

keep it up

demented2005 responds:

thank alot, i would definatly be intrested. My main problem is i cant sing them, i can write but i can't sing it :(
But denfinatly would love to hear your version

so full of happiness

it makes me feel as if i were with my girlfriend sitting in a bench or something, with a sky turning pink and stuff like that, its so fuckin cute, i would to put vocals on the song, but im not able xD cus i dont have where to record , and i live in mexico xD, keep it cool! and good luck!