Reviews for "Lavender Town Elegy"

Poor Marowak :(

Really cool man! Remembered the game's awesomeness cause of this

mr-match responds:

Second best Pokemon game, only coming in second to Pokemon Crystal, though it's a close call. Glad I could bring some awesome back to the classics. Thanks for listening.

Lavender Town always made me so sad

This brings back memories. I remember always wanting to save only when I was in lavender town, probaply because i liked the music so much, but this, this shows he theme at new depths. I must say it was a masterpiece


This brings back memories I would leave my gameboy on for like 30 minutes just listening to this song... Makes me sad every time I hear it awesome job. *cries a little on the inside*

:( good song but still saddening.

Great music even the town in the game depressed me......... But still keep up the good work.

Video games are dead. They die in the tower with iwata... miyamoto... thair gastly ghosts will forever fight us in the tower... never resting. Relentless unease...
They were old farts.
Lived super long
Might have lived longer if born here, but there's no telling.
Good classic tune.