Reviews for "Lavender Town Elegy"


This brings back memories I would leave my gameboy on for like 30 minutes just listening to this song... Makes me sad every time I hear it awesome job. *cries a little on the inside*

Lavender Town always made me so sad

This brings back memories. I remember always wanting to save only when I was in lavender town, probaply because i liked the music so much, but this, this shows he theme at new depths. I must say it was a masterpiece

Poor Marowak :(

Really cool man! Remembered the game's awesomeness cause of this

mr-match responds:

Second best Pokemon game, only coming in second to Pokemon Crystal, though it's a close call. Glad I could bring some awesome back to the classics. Thanks for listening.


my favourite music from pokemon

mr-match responds:

Mine as well. I love the piano melody. Nice and haunting. Thanks for listening.