Reviews for "Lavender Town Elegy"

I thought it's Rule of Rose

I thought this music is familiar I thought it was from Rule of Rose game...it's that creepy


but still...it misses something the old one had.
the old one made me feel like crying for no obvious reason.
there's also this high background pitch that only kids can hear...why not making this a mistery as misterious as the original one?
the only thing that gives an eery feeling to this one is the background piano.
the instruments are pretty well chosen tho.

Lavender Town

What was is now gone
Lavender arms reach for me
Rest in peace dear friend


This is TRULY a Masterpiece. :)


This brings back so many memories...Lavender Town was a sad place, because if you pay attention to Gary's team, he loses his Raticate. Apparently it died in the last battle. Sad, sad memories, R/B/Y was a good game, nonetheless.