Reviews for "Spartan Holes"


it would be funnier if it was grunts or something or maybe the sparten helment close by in the pic because if u dont look at the name or anything then it just looks like a chick in a space suit getting fucked by two dudes in a space suit its really not detailed in that sence but the porn part is detailed dont get me wrong... i thought it would just look better or something thats all

Great but,

A bit more of a story would have been nice.

TheShadling responds:

I should find someone for those.

You give the porn what us want !

This is because we love you,because you make feel our dick/pussy harder and so wet,because us the perverts love : tits,pussy,breasts,ass, and all that crazy stuff,because we love Hentai and we love you so much because you are the chosen one of that kind.

woah Shad!

i never knew your a halo fan, thats fucking awesome!

damb people

all they see is a person making explisit art that is inapropreat for young vewers they dont see the art and the amount of skill it takes to do this
i bow down to you you have my respect