Reviews for "Violence on Television"


Good graphics and funny but the sound was a bit too loud causing distortion. Good Job!

neat - o

That was pretty good, no, it was just good.
I like the style, the colors, the dudes voice (the chicks voice was kinda forced). Good jokes, good art, good times. the distortion was annoying though


This was great. Just fix up the glitch at the end and itll be fine.


first off, a funny preloader! hahaha. i love dancing monkeys, they always make me laugh.
heh. it was a pretty good concept/idea. it was so true... so much violence... so much Celiene Dion! hahah... but the answer was so easy! hahaha, sex! lol.
it was a very good old-styled television broadcast, with a great old-style presentation voice. it was just great! heh.
so overall, a really great show with heaps of great information... it was long, and had a lot of statistics! in addition, it was funny! heheh.
so well done mate, very good job
overall score: 8/10


Heh.... that was funny! I can't belive some people took it seriously.