Reviews for "Violence on Television"

Very good.

It has a very good message. The government is a lot like your flash. It really bugs me the way it is. But oh well, we don't really have much say with governments and whatnot. So I guess we'll have to deal or eradicate all governments. Muahahahahahaha......Ok, I'm done rambling now.


that was good man...i agree!!


Christians should be bashed because they're all just a bunch of fucking retards. This is the absolute truth about violence on TV. The thing is people in most other countries watching this don't seem to understand, because they get to watch sex on TV. Not porno, mind you, but at least they are tolerant and respect others decision to watch if they want. Christianity is only around today because the king of England made everyone believe it or die, take your pick. The same people that said David Koresh is crazy because he claims to be "the Son of God" are the same people who go to church on Sunday to worship someone who said the same thing 2000 years ago, when people were gullible and stupid. They go out on Halloween and Trick-or-Treat even though it is a "satanic" holiday....oh well enough ranting from me. Good Flash

really funny

this is the best flash iv seen today so far so good job!

violence over sex?

What fool in there right mind would rather watch 2 smelly, roided up freaks grab eachothers junk? Some one who's not getin any thats who. Ya know what would be better? 2 not so roided up females beat the snot out of eachother then haveing sex....Now thatsTV.