Reviews for "Violence on Television"


Wow, that was funny, to get it to work, you have to just right click and click play.

just a little bug

It was great, but there was a little bug near the end. Great work.

wow that was long

and boring fool

Kids should play with themselves, not guns

This was really clever and more or less accurate. How could sex possibly be more damaging to kids than violence? Then again, this is coming from a country where the only kind of sexual education funded by the government is the abstinence-only kind (or as I like to call it, "Let's Lie to Children: Touching Gay People Will Give You AIDS" education). Teaching children that sex is shameful and wrong is what turns them into sexual deviants ad deranged lunatics later.

The animation was great too. Though I have to say, too many boobies and not enough pee-pees. Where's the equal time, buck-o?

And the sound quality was really bad. I'm also curious where you got those stats. Were they actually real, or made-up? I could easily believe either.

Very good

Funny, and with some legitimate points, though could you cut the Christian bashing down a bit? The crusades and holocaust go against our belief, "Thou Shall Not Kill" is writen in the bible in big bold print (Notably, there is no "Thou Shall Not Have Hot Monkey Sex"). All and all though, very interesting.