Reviews for "Violence on Television"

very good

I didn't like the part when you put ALLAH hates only 13% of the Queers because ALLAH is GOD I talked to a muslim before. Anyways good job.


Now that was some quality satire. Keep up the good work

It's not racist

He's the next Lemul Gulliver you fuck. He hates people. And so do I. Plus, ITS TRUE. People are stupid, nieve and ignorant and take every bit of sarcasm too seriously, you dont see people watching Lopez get offended when he talks about other people's ethnicity do you? HUH?!

I'll let my kids watch that!

Hey, I needed a good pick me up, and you know this was it. If my midn wasent so harshly brainwashed by puritans... I could be happy, sexually unbelished, and at peac with the world. Thank you scary laughing tiddy guy!
~ pug


yes indeed that people do appove but then if lil girls fucking boys thats hiv and aids everywhere but hiv and aids are slower killing then normal shooting and everything :d