Reviews for "Violence on Television"

good job

how do u get your sound so clear and have no popping sound of tour micraphone please tell me how u did that recording


well put... even though id rather see killings on tv then sex cause to me im a sick fuck, i get a boner to death :)

Violence? Or Sex? I can't Decide!

How about big 'ol titties getting smacked around?


It was very entertaining and actually had some good pionts. But all that is missing is some facts about STDs. I really liked it overall. :)

It's not racist

He's the next Lemul Gulliver you fuck. He hates people. And so do I. Plus, ITS TRUE. People are stupid, nieve and ignorant and take every bit of sarcasm too seriously, you dont see people watching Lopez get offended when he talks about other people's ethnicity do you? HUH?!