Reviews for "Violence on Television"

Pretty good

It was pretty funny, but it made perfect sense on the issue, too. You raised some vaild points about today's society, while making it incredibly fun to watch.

Maybe you should work for the education authorities..


nice movie. it was funny throughout the whole movie, but if you made this movie a long time ago, you should've submitted it a long time ago.

theres an important message

People who believe sex is causing children to become little horny perverts who have sex before puberty certainly hae no facts to back up claims. Teen pregnancies are decreasing, and more teens were pregnant in the 1950s. Sex is something we'll all experience (at least most of us) and is natural. I'd rather see suggetive sex than someones arms being cut off and pictures of carbombed Iraqis on the news.

hmmm different

While making a few good jokes here and there, you raised some good arguments, well... unless you made up most of those stats, to be honest I started to get confused.

The visuals were pretty good, didn't really care for the colour scheme though, but I guess you were aiming for an old fashioned theme.

One negatory though, the sound was really bad, the distortion was really annoying.

Awful preachy for something so anti-christian

Not that I'm espescially pro-christian, I just call it like I see it. While I would certainly agree with the statistics presented regarding television, the internet is by contrast a porn mecca, where every concievable fetish is catered to and made easily accessable, no matter how bizarre. It'll be interesting to see what effect THAT has on society in 20 years....