Reviews for "Violence on Television"

ALL true.

I liked the sound the best it really felt like this was made in the 60's not to mention all the titties *autofellatios self* Good bandwagon proganda flash here kids.

Very good Points. And very true

Its a shame but its true. People feel so Inhibited its sad when people are ah-shamed of there bodies.


Ir really makes you think.

hmmmm, that one really makes you think

Besides the humor, that one has an interesting message, and most of all, it's true what they say

Not bad

To : osamahunter1
grow up. dont threat ppl for a movie...
You just made yourself sound like a 4 year old brat that dont belong here on NG.

to : the Author
Nice work, everything said is SOO true.
the slighest "sex" makes parents go "WTF you cant watch this"
While Violence they let the kids see day out an in...
an whats worse then the "NEWS" to see Violence...
Ah well cant get everything I suppose