Reviews for "Violence on Television"


it was funny not funyy ha ha u understand but funny weird.
again though it seems that society blames its problems on violence on tv when they dont realise that the ancient greeks and romans who are supposed to have the greatest socitey of all depended on violence
in short vilence was the basis for modern entertainment stop moaing bout it
overall great movie and good graphics


I loved this flash, it was great and straight to the point! AWESOME JOB!


This was stupid it was not funny it was not cool. real bad sound
the main voice was stupid the drawing were even wose being that they were still drawings.

Very good

Funny, and with some legitimate points, though could you cut the Christian bashing down a bit? The crusades and holocaust go against our belief, "Thou Shall Not Kill" is writen in the bible in big bold print (Notably, there is no "Thou Shall Not Have Hot Monkey Sex"). All and all though, very interesting.

That was AWESOME!

I loved the part about Jesus....you rule!