Reviews for "Violence on Television"


very good stuff. pure ng content.

very good

I didn't like the part when you put ALLAH hates only 13% of the Queers because ALLAH is GOD I talked to a muslim before. Anyways good job.


IT kinda reminds me more of the Monty Pythons (and thats is a jolly good thing, blimey!) Keep up the nice satire and yes sex is pretty good.

Funny and has a good point.

Reminds me a lot of Micheal Moore's work. (And Al Frankin, I remember you getting on to someone for always using Moore as the Liberal figurehead :P) Informative, and highly humorous. The ending with Mr.Stinky was the funnniest part :) Haha. Great work. I can't wait for your next "new" release ;)

i liked it

it was pretty funny and had a cool plot."the solution is sex" thats pretty funny i liked it alot.