Reviews for "Violence on Television"

it's true

kids in the usa see more violence than sex on tv but sometimes they see equal amounts. I belive the media has something to do with this. anyway good movie. but mild nudity? come on.

It's not racist

He's the next Lemul Gulliver you fuck. He hates people. And so do I. Plus, ITS TRUE. People are stupid, nieve and ignorant and take every bit of sarcasm too seriously, you dont see people watching Lopez get offended when he talks about other people's ethnicity do you? HUH?!


perfect...this is seriously awesome.

id rather see boobies than some guy with his face pulp and his intestines hangin out any day.

violence over sex?

What fool in there right mind would rather watch 2 smelly, roided up freaks grab eachothers junk? Some one who's not getin any thats who. Ya know what would be better? 2 not so roided up females beat the snot out of eachother then haveing sex....Now thatsTV.

Not bad

To : osamahunter1
grow up. dont threat ppl for a movie...
You just made yourself sound like a 4 year old brat that dont belong here on NG.

to : the Author
Nice work, everything said is SOO true.
the slighest "sex" makes parents go "WTF you cant watch this"
While Violence they let the kids see day out an in...
an whats worse then the "NEWS" to see Violence...
Ah well cant get everything I suppose