Reviews for "Violence on Television"


yes indeed that people do appove but then if lil girls fucking boys thats hiv and aids everywhere but hiv and aids are slower killing then normal shooting and everything :d

That's one hell of a point you got there.

No one even considers why sex is bad because most people are brainwashed into thinking it's dirty and evil.
Good job. Not very many artists on here make an entertaining movie that makes you think.


when we saw the guy playing with the dools it sounded just like cartman from south park.

Kids should play with themselves, not guns

This was really clever and more or less accurate. How could sex possibly be more damaging to kids than violence? Then again, this is coming from a country where the only kind of sexual education funded by the government is the abstinence-only kind (or as I like to call it, "Let's Lie to Children: Touching Gay People Will Give You AIDS" education). Teaching children that sex is shameful and wrong is what turns them into sexual deviants ad deranged lunatics later.

The animation was great too. Though I have to say, too many boobies and not enough pee-pees. Where's the equal time, buck-o?

And the sound quality was really bad. I'm also curious where you got those stats. Were they actually real, or made-up? I could easily believe either.

theres an important message

People who believe sex is causing children to become little horny perverts who have sex before puberty certainly hae no facts to back up claims. Teen pregnancies are decreasing, and more teens were pregnant in the 1950s. Sex is something we'll all experience (at least most of us) and is natural. I'd rather see suggetive sex than someones arms being cut off and pictures of carbombed Iraqis on the news.