Reviews for "Violence on Television"

Wow! That was great!

Good animation! and everything you said is true. This is a really good movie.

Very good Points. And very true

Its a shame but its true. People feel so Inhibited its sad when people are ah-shamed of there bodies.

that was fucking killer

I lover the thing... it was the best thing Ive see in a long time... BUT the resin I gave you the score that i did was because when the kid was playing with the man and woman dawls... that hand stayed there throu the rest of the animation with the dall in it... fixe it and re sumbit it and it will be better


poiniant (sic) sick

ALL true.

I liked the sound the best it really felt like this was made in the 60's not to mention all the titties *autofellatios self* Good bandwagon proganda flash here kids.